30 August 2016
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Isn’t the puzzle a gift-abstraction?

I have been watching my 18 month old grand daughter play. She does some jigsaw puzzles with two or three large pieces. She takes the pieces out, then tries to fit them back in. Isn’t the puzzle a gift-abstraction? It has parts that stick out and have to be fitted into the appropriate places that […]

23 August 2016
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Is there a ‘foundational difference’ between women’s moral thinking and men’s?

“Whether there could be a gendered difference in moral thought seems to raise the question of whether there’s a foundational difference between some parts of women’s thinking and some of men’s. To say that the question of gendered differences in thought has attracted some attention recently is a staggering understatement. And one problem is that […]

5 August 2016
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New Blog by Genevieve Vaughan

I decided to start this blog August 1, 2016, the day of Lammas, the pagan festival of the harvest. I am in Austin, Texas and this is also the 50th anniversary of the first individual-mass killing in the USA, which happened when ex marine and student, Charles Whitman, after killing his wife and his mother, […]