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Is there a ‘foundational difference’ between women’s moral thinking and men’s? Here is my take on it.

To me the answer comes from looking at Marx’s base and superstructure distinction, not from biology. If morality is due to the economic engagements towards which we are socially destined, if the gift economy is necessary for bringing up young children, and if it is mainly female people who are socially destined to bring them up, the ‘moral’ superstructure for people who are mothers would derive from the economic base of … Read more

Watch an edited film of the conference with English subtitles. Click here – Maternal Roots of the Gift Economy


Introduction to the Gift Economy

This web site is offered to try to give a new perspective, to shift the worldview based on the exchange economy towards one that will support social change in the direction of a gift economy.

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Two basic economic paradigms coexist in the world today. They are logically contradictory and conflictual but also complementary. They are connected with patriarchy, the construction of gender and the way we form our concepts. They permeate the culture.What we need to do is validate the one connected with satisfying needs and diminish the one based on the market, causing a basic shift in the values by which we direct our lives and policies.

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