The Maternal Roots of The Gift Economy Conference

Presented by Feminist Center for the Study of the Gift Economy and International Feminists for a Gift Economy

April 25-27, 2015, Rome, Italy

Luciana Percovich – The Women of Gifts and Abundance
Mariam Tazi-Preve – The Perversion of Maternal Gift Giving

Elena Skoko – The Gift of Mothers in Maternity Care in Italy
Q & A – Feminist Philosophy and Politics Regarding Motherhood and the Gift

Andrea O’Rielly
Ain’t I a Feminist?: Matricentric Feminism, Feminist Mamas and Why Mothers Need a Feminist Movement/Theory of Their Own
Elena Pulcini – Is Care a Gift?

Stefano Zamagni – Do Women Have a Comparative Advantage in the Gift Practice?
Q & A – Ecofeminist Reconceptualization of Motherhood in the Global Era

Kaarina Kailo – Reappropriating the Gifts of the Finnish Welfare State
Anna Cossetta – The Gift, Women and the Internet

Angela Dolmetsch – Nashira: an Eco Village Built by Women on the Basis of the Gift Economy
Q & A – Practice of the Gift Economy

Lin Danels – Wanderland: Building/Envisioning Sustainable Women’s Communities
Manish Jain – Re-imagining Education for the New Gift Culture Movement

Genevieve Vaughan & Susan Petrilli Presentation of Vaughan’s book The Gift in the Heart of Language
Francesca Rosati Freeman – From Traditional Values to the Real Gifts of Mosuo Society

Bernedette Muthien – Rematriating the Gift Paradigm and African Ubuntu from Patriarchal Cooptation
Coumba Toure – The Concept of Teranga – The Gift Economy in the Sahel

Q & A – The Gift in Communities with Maternal Values
Diem Lafortune – Family Preservation: Revisiting Traditional Adoption Practices

Q & A – The Gift in Native American Communities
Heide Goettner-Abendroth – Matriarchal Studies and the Gift Economy

Daniela Falcioni – The Ability to Give Ties us to Others
Francesca Brezzi – Philosophy of the Gift

Q & A – Philosophy of the Gift
Tracy Gary – Redesigning the Future: The Grace of Women’s Giving, Feminist Teamwork, Gift Economy

Jodie Evans – Giving is the Gift
Q & A – Gifts, Money and Activism

Erella Shadmi – The Jewish Tzedakah (Gifting) Community
Camilla Martinez – The Great Gift of Indigenous Sacred Medicine

Letecia Layson – The Maternal Roots of The Gift Economy Conference
Morena Luciani – The Gift of Ritual and Female Shamanism

Vicki Noble – The Natural Gift of Female Healing
Angela Giuffrida – The Conceptual Foundations of the Gift Economy

Susan Petrilli – Mother-sense in the Study of Signs
Luigino Bruni – The Grammar of Munus: Inhabiting the Ambivalence

Q & A – Theory of the Gift, Part 1
Alberto Castagnola – The Gift Between Economy in Crisis and a New Imaginary

Augusto Ponzio – The Gift in Lovers’ Discourse
Simone Woerer – The Crisis of the Gift

Angela Miles – Escape from ‘Gender’: Mothering and the Gift Economy
Q & A – Theory of the Gift, Part 2

Q & A – End of Conference