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Songs for the Tree of Life

Original music and lyrics by Genevieve Vaughan.

CD or Cassette

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1. We are walking in a circle (mp3)
2. Jewels of Fire (mp3)
3. Sekhmet
4. Ninna nanna, sette e venti (mp3)
5. Crizel (mp3)
6. Mea culpa (mp3)
7. The tree of life (mp3)
8. Queen of the stars (mp3)
9. Mother Earth (mp3)
10. The sky's got the blues (mp3)
11. Air, Fire, Water, Earth (mp3)
12. El Salvador (mp3)
13. Our Lady of Guadalupe (mp3)
14. The truth is blue (mp3)
15. It is finished in beauty (mp3)

Songs cd cover
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Produced by Sue Young
Engineered by Bradley Kopp
Recorded and mixed at Terra Nova Digital in Austin, Texas