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A Radically Different World View Is Possible

The Gift Economy Inside and Outside of Patriarchal Capitalism

9 DVD Set

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This exciting conference united some 38 women speakers from many nations and cultures to discuss a theme which has been hidden by patriarchy, the gift economy, a mode of distribution of goods to needs that continues to exist in households and in indigenous cultures in spite of the globalizing market system. Though gift giving is discounted and exploited by Patriarchal Capitalism and market ideology, it creates meaning and community and can unite the movements for a better world.

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Speakers: Luisah Teish, Genevieve Vaughan, Kaarina Kailo, Madu Auditore, Susan Petrilli, Paolo Melchiori, Louise Benally, Yvette Abrahams, Mililani Trask, Heide Gottner Abendroth, Rauna Kuokkanen, Jeanette Armstong, Claudia Von Werlhof, Sylvia Shihadeh, Erella Shadmi, Peggy Antrobus, Rabia Abdelkarim, Dottie Camblin, Ana Isla, Elsiabet Sahtouris, Leslene della Madre, Corinne Kumar, Patricia Pearlman, Vicki Noble, Maria Jimenez, Margaret Randall, Mechthild Hart, Sizani Ngubane, Tracy Gary, Marta Benavides, Carol Brouillet, Andrea Alavarado, Renea Robert, Frieda Werden, Linda Christiamsen-Ruffman, Angela Miles, Brackin Firecracker