Here is a pledge against racism in the Goddess Community. If you want to add your name please click below or e mail me genvau@aol.com. Please also send the pledge on to others. If you prefer you can also just print it out and sign it personally, as an agreement with your own spirit. We will send the pledge with signatures to Goddess publications and events.
Please let me know your comments or suggestions.
Blessed Be

Pledge of the Goddess Community against Racism

As a member of the group of human beings who honor the present and past images of female divinity, I pledge to include in Goddess conferences the indigenous people of the locality or territory where conferences are held, and to reference and honor their deities. That is, I myself will make every effort to invite speakers and participants of the people indigenous to the area and of other ethnic groups. If I am not an organizer of the event myself I will work to ensure that the organizers  invite them. Given the economic injustice in our society, I will promote special stipends for speakers of color and sliding scale or free access to conferences for any participants of color or other participants who may be economically oppressed.

The multiplicity of the Goddess is expressed in the variety of humanity and in the many kinds of ritual and worship. Racism dishonors the Goddess(es).

Signed in good faith

To add your name to this pledge please click below. If you prefer you can also just print it out and sign it personally, as an agreement with your own spirit. Please also send the pledge on to others.

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  Name Location Date
1 Genevieve Vaughan Rome, Italy/Austin,TX ,USA 2008
2 Heide Goettner-Abendroth Winzer, Germany 2008
3 Charito Basa Rome, Italy 2008
4 Fern Hill Pine Crone Labyrinth Retreat, Bastrop, Texas 2008
5 Candace Ross Sekhmet Temple, Cactus Springs, Nevada 2008
6 Letecia Layson Ojai, California 2008
7 Morgaine Swann H.Ps. Eastern, KY USA; 2008
8 Ariadne Pythia CA USA


9 Candace C. Kant Las Vegas, Nevada 2008
10 David J. Kenney

Las Vegas, NV

11 Deanne Quaine

Rockmart, Georgia

12 Dot Hill Las Vegas, Nevada


13 Sofie Wendt Bolsena, Italy 2008
14 Anna Joyce Sebastopol, CA 2008
15 Judy Grahn


16 Bernedette Muthien Cape Town, South Africa


17 Rhiannon Ball Idaho USA 2008
18 Anniitra Ravenmoon

Long Beach, Ca.

19 Janie Rezner

Mendocino CA

20 Catherine Wright Los Angeles, California. USA 2008
21 Arisika Razak San Francisco CA 2008
22 Starhawk San Francisco CA 2008
23 Yolanda Valenzuela CA 2008
24 Michelle Ravell Las Vegas, NV 2008
25 Kaarina Kailo Finland 2008
26 Christina Countryman aka Chrysalis Crafthaven Shokan, NY 2008
27 Isabelle Jolly Westbank BC Canada 2008
28 Louise Pare Ashland, OR 2008
29 Luisa Vicinelli Bologna, Italy 2008
30 Jennifer Cooper London, England 2008
31 Sandra Román, Priestess of Avalon Santa Fe, Argentina 2008
32 Sheila Hawkins San Francisco U.S.A. and Sheffield U.K. 2008
33 Brian Charles Budapest Hungary 2008
34 Kathy Jones Glastonbury, England 2008
35 Georgina Sirett-Hardie Glastonbury, England 2008
36 Naomi Morgnstern Boise, USA 2008
37 Annie Lapham CA, USA 2008
38 Wolfgang E. Nebmaier Shakti Moon, Oregon 2008
39 Maria Ludikhuize The Netherlands 2008
40 Sandra Warmerdam Hillegom, Holland 2008
41 Joos Holster Lochem, Netherlands 2008
42 Neesha Fakir Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa 2008
43 Anna Spiten Malta 2008
44 Tracy Gary Houston, Texas and Ross, CA 2008
45 Amanda Steckel
Bethlehem, PA 2008
46 Jennifer Lawrence
Whiting, IN, USA 2008
47 Swati Prakash Mumbai, India 2008
48 Karen Szabo Johnstown, NY, USA 2008
49 H. Byron Ballard Asheville, NC USA 2008
50 Jodi Trotter
Aurora, CI USA 2008
51 Raime Egolinsky Sanchez Houston, Tx USA 2008
52 Heart/Cheryl Lindsey Seelhoff
Gig Harbor, Washington USA 2008
53 Jamie Roberts Newnan Georgia 2008
54 Brenda Arnold
Beaumont, Texas 2008
55 Naddina La Corte Asheville NC 2008
56 Jill Boyer Asheville, NC USA 2008
57 DiosaNegra Philadelphia, PA 2008
58 Diane Jones Page, Arizona 2008
59 Marcianne Miller Asheville, NC 2008
60 Olga Stewart Hinton, Alberta, Canada 2008
61 Cherie Cannaday Kalamazoo, MI USA!!! 2008
62 Maiasaura WinterHeart Asheville, NC, USA 2008
63 Mary Flying Eagle Ray Calif USA 2008
64 Teresa Cline Asheville, NC USA 2008
65 Asha/Erica Laughlin Madison, WI. 2008
66 Moondancer Drake Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA 2008
67 Brenda Stewart
Madison, Wisconsin 2008
68 Darlene (Morgan) Kramer Jefferson, TX (USA) 2008
69 Naddina La Corte Asheville, NC 2008
70 Maiasaura WinterHeart Asheville, NC USA 2008
71 Marcianne Miller Asheville, NC 2008
72 Diane Jones
Page, Arizona 2008
73 Sierra Shell South Lake Tahoe, California 2008
74 John Schendel Atlanta, GA 2008
75 Lylas San Pedro, CA 2008
76 Leigh (MutDanu) Barret Paris, France 2008
77 Andrea Terki Dietzenbach/Germany, Constantine/Algeria 2008
78 Clara Panascia Italy 2008
79 Rosina Schmelzer-Ziringer Austria 2008
80 Tinnekke Bebout Highland, IN 2008
81 Annie Long Asheville, NC 2008
82 Jodie Evans Venice, CA 2008
83 Astrid Haarland Cologne, Germany 2008
84 Druis Ann Beasley Troy, New York 2008
85 Citalala simpson Troy, New York 2008
86 joice jones Glendale Arizona USA 2008
87 Ben Reichman Chappaqua, New York 2009
88 Cathy Meadows Merced, CA 2010
89 Daisy Mae Floyd Virginia Planet Earth 2010
90 Daine McGinty San Antonio, TX 2011
91 Ashley Patterson Red Wing MN 2011
92 Genny LaMorgan California, USA 2012
93 Luisah Teish   2016

To sign the Pledge, please click here and email your name and location to us.

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